Do Well Technologies SA



New devices development

We offer the customization of our technologies as OEM partner, otherwise we can provide solutions that require in-depth technical knowledge and proven performance in the fields of electronic engineering design and analysis, specifically in the field of aesthetic and medical device.

Problem solving is what we do and what we deliver. It is our commitment to provide the most comprehensive design, analysis, and testing services with an unsurpassed level of engineering integrity and skill. This dedication to quality originates from the two basic principles on which the company was founded - technical excellence and a passion to customer satisfaction.


We can provide consulting in the process of opening and development of the beauty center, driving in choosing of suitable technologies to the targets.

The accurate assessment of the market interest and the context in which you find yourself is the basis of any business project, we can face together with our technical contribution to find and take the best opportunities will be easier, faster and less expensive .


The company is directly involved in the training of its sales network and customer, with days dedicated and continuous job training.

We provide: Specific training for the use of the devices and  supporting Documents to support the operator's knowledge and use of the devices.

Marketing Support

Our customer should be able to offer commercially treatments performed with our equipment.
This step is often considered marginal but is at the same level of knowing how to perform the treatment in an effective manner.


Do Well Technologies supports the client offering:


- Coaching business also through presentation days dedicated (Open Day)


- Design and / or production of communication materials such as leaflets, brochures, flyers, banners, window stickers, videos etc ..


- Visibility on the main social networks

After Sales Support

A sale begins upon delivery of the product: it is because for us is very important to provide a rapid and effective after-sales support. It is the key to having satisfied customers, that can increase its business with our devices.


We provide:


- Specific training for the management of spare parts and first level maintenance


- Documents and manual to support the actions on the devices


- Telephone assistance service to provide first diagnosy


- Fast and effective technical action.

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